Adding images to blog entries more easily

December 18, 2013
Screenshot showing image upload dialog

My blog writing habits have always been pretty scattered, but one pattern that's shown itself is that I rarely have anything to say unless I have an image. The drupal template I'm working with over here on drupalcloud by default thows me at a ckeditor window, from which an image upload is several clicks away, and once I have it, it helpfully auto-fills the height and width fields, with a side effect of the image getting compressed horizontally, if the browser window is too narrow for it.

Today, I decided to poke around for a better answer and tried adding an image field under admin/structure/types/manage/blog/fields which lets me add an image, but it doesn't give me any more buttons to push to configure it. Some puzzling later, I create (on that page) a group named "group_quickimage" of type Div and then the image entry "field_qichild" inside it.

That much is the hook I need to use CSS Injector, and:

  width: 100%;

in the CSS Injector does what I want: scaling that's proportional, and the full size image stored on the server.

This was not entirely my own work; my esteemed coworker, Chris, provided the meat of what was actually wrong with how ckeditor was mangling things.

I can see as I write this, that I have ventured into the no man's land between "dead obvious" and "arcanely specific to a limited system"; so be it - if I'm still here in ten years, I hope I can smile fondly at a tiny hack.

The image for this post: what it looks like from the "create a blog entry" window.