George's Pillowcase

November 8, 2014
George holding a homemade pillowcase

This pillowcase is embroidered with glow in the dark thread (DMC E940). I am not a huge fan of it - it's very shreddy/snaggy to work with, and the glow isn't nearly as bright as I would hope for .

It was also slightly impolitic that I finished George's ahead of Denton's. I embroidered Denton's first, and the idea arose because Denton noted that George's existing pillowcase was nicer than his, and I offered to make him one. He picked orange (at which point George piped up and told me he didn't like purple very much anymore and would rather green) and I noted that "dark orange" isn't an easy thing, and proposed the glow in the dark. But, George was the one taking a very close interest in the process, and in helping, and George bugged me pretty hard to put it all together.