Letters to Mary Dunton - 03/20/1914

January 28, 2013

Here we have a special delivery stamp on the envelope, a small card written by Lavinia, and a much longer letter enclosed, from one Sarah Adalaide Hall, who writes from St. Petersburg, Florida. First the card from Lavinia.

My Dear

Your letter just rec'd. I am very glad you are so well pleased with our selections. I am sorry you did not mention Papa in the letter, he is so sensitive about it. When I said lets each write Mary a letter for her birthday he said. She never refers to me in any letter and does not in any way acknowledge any letters, so I do not think she cares about them. You should address us both in your letters to please him. And poor Martha she selected all the things, I could not

go to Chicago and the flower was from her. I'll not tell Papa I have this letter and you write another. You know he pays all the bills. It is true that he would not write neither would he think to get any birth day gifts only for my prodding him on, but even so he seems to feel somewhat neglected if there is no fuss made over him so do write. Martha is getting some spring clothes coats hats gowns +c. Maybe we can go to Chicago when you come.
Return-the-enclosed letter.

Well, I guess Mary messed up, and thanked the wrong person for her birthday gifts. Lavinia is at least quite clear on what to do about it. I have to think Lavinia is a bit quick to throw George's efforts thus far under the bus, though.

Mary apparently does not obey the instruction to return return the letter form Mrs. Hall, as it made it into the package of letters. I'll put that in the next post, because it's really quite long.