Letters to Mary Dunton - 03/20/1914 - enclosure

January 29, 2013

This was an enclosure with the previous letter. Place names match to St. Petersburg, Florida.

St. Pete March 16 1914

Dear Friend,
I ought to have answered your letter long ago and also recognized the card I received from Mary, but the days have slipped before I realized that in a few weeks I shall have to go North. Mr Hall remains just the same + his man gives him good care. We shall probably take him to the beach this summer so he can have a change, + we can get him down by auto. I am very glad I have not yet been summoned home. I had a lonesome time here until Jan 1. when I rented the other side till July 1 to a Civil Engineer also has the large gang of men under him working on the county roads. He has a nice wife + boy of 6 years. She is cultivated + refined and I enjoy having them. I shall leave them here when I return Apr 15. I am very well indeed + folks say I look 5 years younger, I am brown as a berry. We have had a chilly

So the picture I'm getting is that Mrs. Hall is older, perhaps Lavinia's age, and her husband is an invalid. When did being tanned become desirable?

winter + people have grumbled, but the sun has shone + the walking is always find + if one dresses sensibly + keeps out of the drafts, much can be enjoyed. The grove owners, + all the year round people have enjoyed the coolness. Now it is perfectly magnificent weather + all doors are open. The birds are singing + I have never seen so many grapefruit tree in bloom before. Like snow + so sweet actually cloying.

I have a fine yield on my lots. Sold 55.00 dollars worth of cheaper fine fruit, sent 6 boxes home, have had all I could eat, have given away a lot + at the present time, I have a box + a half on the back veranda. I had the trees culled on Saturday when the man finished ploughing. I had enough money to paly my taxes, + for cultivating. My lots have risen in value. Mr Roser has made a beautiful place just back of us, put in streets + paved them buids beautiful houses + sold them

First she comments on the refinement of her tenants then delves into the financial details of her fruit orchards. Cringe-worthy.

bought out 6 acres from Budd + is now putting in new homes + streets. Just back of our lots he has started two lovely Bungalows. He bought out some of the owners above our lots + paid a high profit to them. Next year we may offer ours for sale + I think, we shall double our money.

Since coming down I have bought a water lot to the South on Big Bayou, where Dr Nilcoy has opened a beautiful sub-division + paid $900.00. There is a lovely group of pines on the front of the lot. The streets have been made of oyster shells from two mounds which were on the premises, the parking on each side finished + wide sidewalks laid + the Bayboro trolly line has been extended 2 miles + runs 6 lots from my lot. I had an old wire fence on my place + had it removed + put on the correct line, so that the place looks as though it belonged to some one. Another year, that section

will develop, for it is lovely + the scenery is pretty all round the Bayou. Bayboro is to have many thousands of dollars spent on it this summer, + this Bayou will be a fine residential place to the South of it.

My home here looks very nice to me + every one says I have a nice piece of property. The "New Bridge" is nearly ready to use. The ties + rails were laid across it last week. The whole street is to be widened, + I have moved my fence back 8 feed + my shrubs had to be moved which were in the way. The county will move my sidewalk, without expense to me when it gets ready. I put in larger fence posts + where my gate is hing I have the posts carried up + a cross piece put on + I think it is an improvement. [small diagram] If vines get started they can climb up on each side.

I have done considerable church work, but am not at the head of

things (Thank Heaven) and have made some new + lovely acquaintances. Have found some old frinds here. Now I am getting invitations to dine out. Have been to Pass-a-Grill, down the Manatee, over to Tampa. had lots of Auto rides + many callers.

I headed a "day" down the Manatee for the benefit of the church + made 34.50 for our treasury. If you speak for a day, advertise it, sell tickets +c the Boat Line gives you 25 cents on every ticket sold that day to any one, so that is why we got so much.

Mrs Honey got up a party of 20 to go to Sarasota + I joined. We left at 9.30 + had a lovely sail, landing at 3.30, were given an Auto ride to see the place, stayed two nights + returned. St. P. looked good to me when we docked, + I felt glad I was back.

We have not had any crazy sales of Real Estate this Winter, but some lots have been sold + many houses

built in all directions + the town is steadily growing. Every Hotel is packed + there have been crowds of people here. They will soon begin to thin out. A new train has been put on to run three times a week, leaving at 11.30 in the forenoon + reaching Jax at 7.30 running express most of the way. This will be a great pleasure to us all as we won't have to be hurried in the morning, nor be forced to take the hot + stuffy sleeper.

I have engaged passage for Apr 16 by the Savannah boat to Boston. Mr Harrington has shown signs of aging very rapidly + is growing very deaf. They live on the 8th Ave. North. I dine there once in a while or spent Sunday afternoon. Sunday is a hard day to get through, it seems so long, but even at home is seems long unless we get out in the Auto. I go to church + try to get in some calls, or rides now + then having some friend to tea

First the bragging about the social life, then the loneliness of Sundays? Mixed messages. She seems relentlessly social.

or going to some friend, + once in a while going to evening service.

My yard looks nice, + my trees + shrubs have grown rapidly. I had bushels of Guavas, + gave them away to any one, I cooked them, made jam + ate them raw. There are fine strawberries in the market + all sorts of garden vegetables, + everything nice to eat.

I bought me an electric reading lamp + an Elec. flat iron, + spent about $25.00 in the other apartment making the furnishing complete, so it is fitted for complete housekeeping. Mrs. Horvice came from Chattanooga + sent home for her sheets + small silver. I may yet furnish the sheets for that side, as they are so heavy to bring + take so much room in one's trunk.

Well, I have written a long letter + hope it does not bore you. Love to the girls + self.
Good bye from
Sarah Adalaide Hall

Well, then. I'm unclear on many of the proper names here, and Hall's a common enough name that I can't find her on the census