Letters to Mary Dunton - 8/11/1913

November 18, 2012

Here's the next letter in the pile, well over a year since the last. It's written by Lavinia, to her daughter.

Miss Mary D. Dunton,
1724 Gaylord St.,

Lavinia has at least two siblings living in Denver at this point; Gilbert Denton (who is my great-grandfather) and Rebecca Denton Harlow. Both are married and have children Mary's age or somewhat older. It should be easy to figure out from census records who she's staying with, but we hear remarkably little about this.

Lavinia writes on stiff paper, folded like a card. Monday is the 11th, so she gets it in the mail the same day.

Monday Morning

My Dear,

I feel quite anxious to hear from you. Perhaps we will get a letter to day.

It is a dark rainy morning. Quite cool and comfortable. I did not go out yesterday. Eleanor and her mother came over in the afternoon. Eleanor staid, and Bess came. I think they hoped to see the athletes but none came. Bill Miller came about eight o'clock and the girls went home.

I have a basket of peaches to can this morning and hope to do some sewing. Eva is coming home the middle of this week, which will make it nice for Mr. Hind.

No news here. The morning paper tells of a dreadful electrical storm with wind in Philadelphia uprooting many beatiful trees blowing down buildings etc. no lives lost.

I hope you are well and know if you are you are having a good time. We went to Marengo Saturday. Martha planned to bring Martha Patrick home with her but found her not at home. She thinks she will invite her over this week.

Good by for this time.

With best love from Mamma.

Your letter is here.

Marengo IL is close enough to Sycamore, and for once many of the names are clear enough, though not known to me. Martha is Mary's older sister, so her casual inclusion makes sense. No specifics about what Mary may be doing in Denver. Does she mean "I know you are having a good time" or "I would like you know if you are having a good time"?