Letters to Mary Dunton - 10/12/1914

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February 15, 2013

Here's the next letter, from Lavinia.

Is Mary practising her signature on the back of an envelope? I can't tell whose writing that is.

My dear Mary
You did not have a letter written you yesterday. I did not feel very good and intended to tell your father to write last night, but found he was not going up town, so did not say any thing about it.

This is a gloomy day and I feel rather blue. Have been busy all the morning doing little things, which do not seem to count much, but are necessary to be done.

I was glad to get the card. I know you are very busy, but don't work too hard. Rest + take your sleep before supper. Tell me next time you write how your nose is. Do not use too much of the white powder. Your father suggest that there may be cocaine in it.

We took Bess and went to Malta yesterday afternoon. Mrs Langlois drove down before dinner and stayed about an hour. She gets lonely without Doris. She tells of the great times Do is having. She must be too, for they are spending a pile of money on her.

Wow. Wikipedia tells me that the Harrison Narcotics Tax Act passed in 1914, and substantially regulated cocaine, which may be why this issue is getting attention.

Malta appears to be just a few miles West of Dekalb.

Lavinia sounds more jealous than usual.

She (Mrs. L) is planning to send her to Chicago every week as Joyce used to go to study French or music or something. Then they will go to California in Feb. They have discharged their made[sic]. She was terribly impertinant I judge.

Eleanor came home Saturday morning. She and her mother called here in the afternoon. They said they tried to get Martha by phone before dinner to invite her over for dinner, we were all right here all the time + the phone did not ring.

Ah, technology. I think this Eleanor is Eleanor Townsend.

Charles + John took Martha to the movies Saturday night Eleanor + Charles Conrad were there and came home with them.

Martha is invited to the country club Thursday by Grace Syme Buel where she entertains the card club. Pauline Waterman entertains the card club next Saturday in the honor of Grace.

Harry Martin + bride are expected to arrive in town today. Your father says we must entertain them. It rains and is gloomy. I am glad you are enjoying your self but be careful + not over do. Did Eleanor S- make a sorority? I shall be over to see you some day. I am anxious about you + lonely too. Lovingly Mama

Oh, we heard from Pauline's toddler daughter, right at the beginning of this series. Eleanor Shackley is a recurring character, but I haven't put all that together yet.

Another letter later this month, then on to 1915.