Letters to Mary Dunton - 11/12/1913

December 2, 2012

In college student form, Mary must be complaining about workload and asking for money?

Nov. 12 1913
Dear Mary

I hear that you are in danger of becoming financially embarassed in the near future and therefore enclosed draft for $100/ which ought to keep your credit good for a while. And sorry you are having to work so hard but perhaps it will come easier after you get a little more used to it. This has been a beautiful day and I have just come in from the golf grounds. We are playing the 9 holes to the green just this side of the river. Made it once in 5-5 but generally a good deal worse than that went around twice yesterday and was so tired and lame last night I could hardly enjoy my religion. Took your mother down to Aunt Mary's yesterday a.m. and left her to come home on the train and think tomorrow we will make a trip to Uncle Paul's if the day is fine. Last evening mother was favored with a visit from Mr Pickens of De Kalb and then Joyce & Mr Wakeman

After some poking about on ancestry.com, I think Uncle Paul has got to be Lizzie Denton Howard's husband. Aunt Mary is again Mary Denton Renwick, and both live in Maple Park Illinois, roughly five miles from Sycamore. So the casual travel is plausible there.

Joyce Langlois is Doris's older sister. We'll have more on them at some point. I can't place the Pickens or the Wakeman, nor decide if that's really what he has written.

happened to drop in, so thay made up a card game. I rather liked the appearance of Mr Pickens. Am glad that you find Mr Wright to be agreeable and should judge from the number of times he has taken you out that he thinks you are not so worse. Did he tell you how his cousin was going up to spend a day or two with him and see the foot ball game but got to the depot just in time to miss his train and so did not go at all? If you find you can come home for a day or so without getting into trouble or having work pile up on you so that you will be pretty near killed catching up when you get back we will be very glad to see you but you had better find out how it will work out before you make your plans. Also we would like to know for sure if you are coming a day or two before if possible so as to be sure and have victuals enough cooked up to fill you up good and plenty while you are here Mary Ecklund is a good cook and she likes to show what she can do. The cider is getting pretty hard but is still passable.

Much love from your father
GW Dunton

There's something refreshing about a father who routinely comments on the physical appearance of younger men. In the last letter he wrote, George was recommending she be polite to Mr. Wright, so he must be glad they've hit it off. I don't think we hear about him again, though.

Is sweet cider generally more appreciated than hard?