Letters to Mary Dunton - 12/15/1913

December 10, 2012

Last letter before the holidays, 1913.

Dec. 15 1913
Dear Mary

Your special delievery rec'd Sat evening. Glad you seem to be having a good time. Will be looking for you next Saturday and I think you will be glad of a chance to rest for a few days. Louise Lewis will be home Friday.

All about as usual at our house we expected Aunt Mary Renwick today but she failed to come. Your mother and I put in one day last week in Chicago and Saturday she and Martha went in again to attend the Opera Rigoletto. They reported a fine time. They brought out a xmas present for Topsey consisting of a dog basket with a willow canopy. They could not wait for xmas to present it and so Topsey is using it now with much apparent satisfaction. It is a little small for her and I think I will take it back and change it for a size larger so that her nose wont project out over the end.

We have a Louise Louis! Could this be the elusive 'cousin Louise'? I still can't find her on the census, though.

This is where I figured out that Topsey is a dog.

A Mr. Cace from Rockford was down to stay over Sunday with the Langlois + Mr Wakeman, so Martha put in a good part of Sunday helping entertain him and stayed with Joyce last night. Well you are coming so soon I will leave the rest of the news to tell you when you come.
Much love from
Your Father
GW Dunton

Well, the Mr. Cace doesn't just pop up, but a slightly more determined search found our Mr. Wakeman. I think he's Olin Alonzo Wakeman, b. Sept. 16, 1882, which puts him about nine years older than Joyce Langlois. He's a minister's son, and lives as a boarder in Chicago in 1910, then by 1920, he and Joyce are married, and living in Milwaukee Ward 18, with a daugther, Joan, born in 1917.