Revere Beach 10/18

October 19, 2014
Bucket full of shells

Saturday morning George informed me that his heart's desire was to go to the beach. I questioned him a little, and determined that he wished to play in the sand, rather than swim, but that a playground with a sand box would not suffice. Our major errand of the day was to take Monty to the airport, so after doing that, I aimed for Revere beach and found an abundance of free parking, when we got there a little before 5pm. Denton predictably griped both there and back about the distance driven, and his lack of desire to leave the house.

I amused myself gathering moon snail shells, of which there was a huge abundance (I'm used to being able to find a few damaged ones, but not fill a bucket). Of course, they are notably less pretty once they dry out, but satisfying to pick up and hold. Altogether a satisfactory outing.