Saturday at Shelburne Farm

November 2, 2012

Last Saturday, Linda invited us along with her family to Shelburne Farm for apple-related amusements.  A nice time was had, and we'll probably go back next year.  (The venue loses points for selling out of many food items, but not adjusting signage - there was almost a crisis concerning George and chocolate ice cream.)

The pedal tractors were a hit with George, so much so that we had to split the party so that Denton and Katie could play at the bouncy house while George pedalled around.

Neither of my children were at all interested in the pony ride.  They watched Katie take a turn, and gave me a "why would we do that?" when I suggested that they ride.

The hayride was a hit for all.

Linda negotiated to buy a bushel of apple seconds, which was somewhat hindered by the guy she was negotiating with being quite weak on both math and pricing logic (she eventually prevailed).  We all got home tired enough that I never even turned my camera on to upload photos until almost a week later.