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October 19, 2012

My first few quilts were made mostly out of plain solid colored Kona cottons; my local fabric store carries a full range of them, and I find them easy to shop for and easy to buy, even in alarming colors.  I am getting used to buying more challenging fabrics.  (At one point, I would not-infrequently enter the fabric store, and leave again, empty-handed, feeling lost and defeated.  That hasn't happened in quite a while.)  This is Monday's haul:

The two batiks on the right I paid full price for half yards; most of the others I bought a yard or more on sale, since they had a 40% sale going for many fabrics.  The purple is indeed a Kona solid, and in a shade that my camera seems to be wholly incapable of capturing.

Curiously, I am a sucker for batiks in shades of mustard, though I would not say that I think the color is pretty.


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I am a similar sucker for

I am a similar sucker for orange-ish yarn.  I don't like orange, but there are a lot of  (reddish-brown rather than safety) orange yarns that leap up and down and say "Buy me!"