The Joker - Feralia jocosa

April 29, 2017
Greenish/grey mottled moth on dark windowsill
Greenish/grey mottled moth on egg carton

It sounds like other people have been having luck with attracting moths two weeks ago, but tonight was my first night out with lights. I didn't find a cord to hang the sheed up with, but Monty's porch light found me a few moths on one side, and I left the bucket lit on the other side of the house.

These are two separate specimens - one was on the porch, and the other was the sole moth in the bucket when I unpacked it. I think they're both "The Joker" (Feralia jocosa) but I could be convinced otherwise, especially on the first. 4/28, 4/29/2017, Jaffrey NH.