Brooks Estate 5/24

May 25, 2015

Monty's back from California for a few weeks, and we'd had a weekend of plans for outdoor activity, only to back off from most of them due to the digestive illness that the kids brought home afflicting Monty (I have a worry that I am next). I escaped to go walk around Brooks Estate by myself at 6:30pm, with the thought that I hadn't seen blooming Jack in the Pulpit in some time, but that it should be to-be-found at Brooks Estate. Indeed I found it, though only one somewhat tattered one.

A week ago, when I was there, I met a young man on the trail who confirmed my sighting of the indigo bunting, and told me that watching the resident barred owls was his major interest. Yesterday, I met him again, this time on the paved trail, where one of the barred owls was being mobbed by robins. Apparently he'd had both barred owls interacting with each other in close proximity early in the afternoon (and showed me on the viewscreen of his camera). While watching one, we heard the other calling, and went to look for it, only to return and find the first sitting in full view over the path. By that time the light was failing, so while I got good views with binoculars, my camera had trouble getting a solid focus lock.